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Our Approach to Hedged Equity:

Investing Redefined®

Markets tend to go up over time,

Severe losses can derail investors’ goals,

Always Invested, Always Hedged

The effectiveness of the hedge and degree of downside risk mitigation varies with market conditions. The Defined Risk Strategy can and does have periods of losses.

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Danger Beneath the Surface: How Bad Policy Led to Bank Failures


The emergency situation in which many small and regional banks find themselves is a direct consequence of bad policy. Examine the causes of historic 2023 bank failures and potential for large financial contagion.

Geopolitical Risk: A Long-Dormant Threat Awakens


Geopolitical risk has not been on most investors’ radar for years. But it’s rearing its ugly head now. Examine the current converging geopolitical risks and drivers of market uncertainty.

“Irrational Exuberance” Revisited


Today, the equity markets are displaying many of the same worrying traits that Shiller identified in 2000. Examine which factors that drove “irrational exuberance’ 22 years ago are still relevant today and identify new risk investors need to consider.

Market Uncertainty: War in Ukraine Grinds On

Uncertainty abounds concerning persistent impacts of the war on commodity and energy markets, as well as, the potential for broader or spill-over conflagration. Explore an approach to help investors navigate these uncertain times.

Address Investor Uncertainty & Behaviors

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Enhance Your Practice with Behavioral Finance

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst


Being prepared starts with knowing the truth about black swans, bear markets, and portfolio construction.

What is Hedged Equity?

Learn about an increasingly popular investment approach distinctly suited to help investors remain invested while managing risk.

Math Matters

Popular White Paper

Help your clients understand the 4 Basic Math Concepts that Drive Investment Returns

Client-Centered, Outcome-Oriented

We believe an investment approach should be designed around the investor’s best interest, not a trend or what is easiest to “sell.”

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Randy Swan discusses how the Defined Risk Strategy is designed to help investors generate consistent returns while preserving irreplaceable capital through market cycles.

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