Enhancing Your Practice and Client Outcomes

While the investment landscape and technologies continue to change, investors’ needs generally remain the same.


Your clients need consistent growth and capital preservation through market cycles.

So does your practice.


We intimately understand these opportunities and challenges.

Consistency of returns and downside protection are hallmarks of our Defined Risk Strategy.

Differentiated Solution for the Challenges Ahead

Advisors need to differentiate themselves as platform providers, technology, and robos disintermediate the market.

Swan Defined Risk Solutions

Differentiate yourself as an advisor, deliver innovative investment options, and save time to focus on what you love—building your practice. Swan Global Investments offers a range of outsource solutions for growth AND client-oriented RIAs.

Innovative. Client-centered. Outcome-oriented.

We offer distinct risk-managed investment solutions for wealth management.
Ideal for building and supporting your practice.

Investment Advisors

A strategy that help clients and you achieve desired outcomes and income.

Family Offices

A strategy uniquely designed to help grow and preserve a lasting legacy.

Our innovative and time-tested investment strategy is distinctly suited for helping investors achieve their investment objectives, while helping advisors differentiate, grow and protect their business.

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