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Speakers Tom Lydon, CEO ETF Trends, Marc Odo, Client Portfolio Manager Swan Global Investments,

Rob Swan, COO and Portfolio Manager Swan Global Investments

Irrational Exuberance: Risk Management Lessons From Shiller’s Classic

On March 15th, 2000, Robert Shiller published the cautionary tale ‘Irrational Exuberance’. Seven trading days later, the Dot-com bubble burst and the S&P 500 lost nearly half its value over the following three years. What lessons can be learned by revisiting the driving factors of irrational exuberance and assessing the risks in today’s market?


In the upcoming webcast, Swan Global Investments and ETF Trends will outline the challenging market conditions investors are facing today, highlight factors driving market volatility, and review an alternative strategy that can help financial advisors navigate the many risks and challenges ahead.


Tom Lydon, CEO of ETF Trends, will moderate a discussion on:

  • Which of Shiller’s 12 Precipitating Factors of a bubble are relevant today?
  • What new risks exist in today’s market that were not relevant in 1999
  • What can investors do to prepare for a market sell-off?

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