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“Utilizing Hedged Equity in a Low Yield World”

Marc Odo, Client Portfolio Manager Swan Global Investments,

Rob Swan, COO and Portfolio Manager Swan Global Investments

The record-setting equity market run has rewarded investors but has also raised concerns about how much higher can the market really go.  

Meanwhile, bond yields are at the bottom of the barrel.

Forward-thinking investors have options to address this “dual dilemma.”

A Dual Dilemma: Combating Low Yields And Equity Risks

Join Marc Odo, Client Portfolio Manager of Swan Global Investments for an educational webinar highlighting strategies to help investors pursue returns while mitigating risk in a low-yield world.

Key Topics of Discussion:

  • The drawbacks of traditional risk-managed solutions.
  • Current equity and fixed income risks, along with the negative effects of inflation.
  • How a hedged equity strategy can address both growth and risk concerns.

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