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Swan Defined Risk CIT 1-Page Brochure

Swan Defined Risk 1-Page CIT Brochure reviews the objectives, process, and portfolio construction of the suite of collective investment funds...


Swan Global Investments - Company Brochure

Swan Global Investments - Company brochure providing an overview of our unique, proven goals-based philosophy and strategy.


Chasing Yield

Since interest rates had been so low for so long, many investors had sought investments with higher yields. This meant...


Swan Quarterly Newsletter

"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" - Review the latest issue of the Swan Quarterly Newsletter containing commentary and...


Pain Index - Better Measure of Risk

At Swan Global Investments, we use the Pain Index to measure risk. We're seeking to redefine the conversation about risk...


Fiduciary Insanity?

How has portfolio construction changed since the Global Financial Crisis? You may be surprised to learn how little the allocations...


Managing Expectations

Better understand the likely future performance of the Swan Defined Risk Strategy through analysis of various historical scenarios and market...


Duration Matters

Part 3 of 3 - Managing Expectations Series - Learn how the duration of drawdown matters to the Defined Risk...


The 40 Don't Protect

Will bonds, the 40 in the 60/40, protect as they have in the past? This question is of real concern...


Magnitude Matters

Part 2 of 3 - Managing Expectations Series - Learn how the magnitude (severity) of a drawdown matters to the...