Seeking Consistent Outcomes

Investors need the return potential of stocks to grow wealth and outpace inflation.


Yet stock market investments expose investors to a bumpy ride with unpredictable periods of severe losses.

A Bumpy Ride May Cause Untimely Exits

The trouble with ‘buy and hold’ is that a bumpy ride makes it hard to know when to buy and difficult to hold on.


Bumpy rides often cause investors to ‘buy and fold’ – causing detrimental effects on long-term results.

Seek a Smoother Ride

Financial plans are built with the best of intentions and generally assume a consistent return.


But the reality is, the stock market is unpredictable.



Which looks like a smoother ride to you?   Which would you prefer in building a financial plan?

Spaghetti-Rope - Seeking Consistent Outcomes - Swan Global Investments - 2019

This graph shows twelve, 10-year rolling period returns for the S&P 500 Index and the Swan Defined Risk Strategy Select Composite. The first period is 1/1998 to 12/2007; the last period is 1/2009 to 12/2018. Each period contains at least one bull market and one bear market.

10-yr periods - Consistent Outcomes - Swan Global Investments -2019

Over time, the S&P 500 Index has proven to be a bumpy ride with inconsistent returns, creating outcome uncertainty.

By reducing volatility and the impacts of bear markets, our strategy has helped smooth the ride and produce consistent outcomes.

“Market risk, also called ‘systematic risk’, cannot be eliminated by diversification, though it can be hedged against.”

– Investopedia

  • Equity markets tend to go up over time, so we buy and hold low-cost ETFs.
  • Large losses may derail investors from their goals, so we remain always hedged.

By remaining always invested for growth and always hedged for protection, the Swan Defined Risk Strategy is designed to seek consistent returns, with a proven performance record since 1997.