Allocation & Uncertainty 

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Optimizing Allocation in Uncertain Times

Markets in Crisis: COVID-19 

How the Defined Risk Strategy is helping investors navigate this black swan event and positioned for eventual recovery.

Bleak Future of Bonds

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Navigating Bond Risks Threatening Traditional Portfolio Construction

The Dual Dilemma

The risks to capital in equities and fixed income have rarely been higher.

U.S. equity valuations are so high, while yields are so low.

Defined Risk Investing

Investing Redefined®

Know What You Own

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Understanding the Options-Based Category

What Do You Bench?


Achieving long-term goals is more about consistency of returns and less about beating a benchmark.

The Target Return Band Is Our Benchmark

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See how the DRS has redefined the risk/return profile of equity investing.

Meet the investment management team behind the Defined Risk Strategy.

Investing Redefined®

Markets tend to go up over time,
Severe losses can derail investors’ goals,
Always Invested, Always Hedged

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A Message from Founder, Randy Swan

Randy Swan discusses how the Defined Risk Strategy is designed to directly address market risk in order to help advisors build portfolios that generate consistent returns while protecting capital through market cycles.

Meet Swan Global Investments

Learn more about the Swan Investment Management team and the unique design of the Defined Risk Strategy.