The Swan Defined Risk Strategy

Define Risk. Seek Improved Outcomes—That’s Investing Redefined®.
Helping investors grow and protect wealth since 1997.

Achieving long-term investment goals involves enduring many market cycles of bulls and bears, ups and downs.

To best endure that bumpy ride, long-term investors need to stay the course while navigating market uncertainty.


Defined Risk Investing


Our distinct and time-tested hedged equity approach to investing is aligned with the interests of long-term investors.


We launched the Defined Risk Strategy (DRS) in 1997 to offer long-term investors a way to pursue portfolio growth by remaining invested with uncapped market participation while remaining hedged to mitigate risk—two keys to building wealth.

Why the Defined Risk Strategy?


Seeking a Better ‘Buy and Hold’

Investors generally struggle to ‘hold on’ when markets suffer big losses.
‘Buy and hold’ often becomes ‘buy and fold’.


So we seek to help investors hold on by

smoothing the ride and minimizing losses in bear markets.


After all, the best financial plan is one investors can stick with through market cycles.


Diversification alone is not enough.


“Market risk, also called, systematic risk, cannot be eliminated through diversification, though it can be hedged against.”            – Investopedia

“By actively seeking to not lose big, we believe that investors will be better off in the long run.”

Randy Swan

Founder, CEO, and Lead PM

Key Investor Insights

Math Matters – See why and how you benefit from uncapped upside participation while dampening losses.

How the Swan Defined Risk Strategy Works

Buy, Hold, and Hedge Equity
Equity investing involves risk. Hedging is a way to mitigate the risk of loss due to market volatility or other adverse events.

By hedging the risks in equity markets, investors can reduce the impact of negative events on their portfolios and potentially increase their chances of achieving long-term goals.


Our distinct investment philosophy drives our Always Invested, Always Hedged process.


The effectiveness of the hedge and degree of downside risk mitigation varies with market conditions. The Defined Risk Strategy can and does have periods of losses.

Define Risk. Seek Improved Outcomes. That’s Investing Redefined®

Learn more about the Defined Risk Strategy and how our hedged equity approach may help you achieve long-term investment goals:

A Legacy of Success

The DRS was launched in 1997 to provide investors with a better way to invest over full-market cycles.

We seek to generate consistent rolling returns through market cycles by seeking to navigate market uncertainty and capitalize on market weakness.


So how’d we do?

Defined Risk Investing

The success of our Defined Risk Strategy prompted us to apply it across multiple products and assets, providing investors a way to add hedged equity to a globally diversified portfolio.


Hedged Equity ETFs



Hedged Equity SMAs



Hedged Equity Funds



SOS Shield®


Learn more about the various types of investment structures we make available and be sure to consult with your investment advisor about the suitability of these different vehicles.