Tag: capital preservation

Tag: capital preservation


The 40 Don't Protect

Will bonds, the 40 in the 60/40, protect as they have in the past? This question is of real concern...


Is the 60/40 Portfolio Broken?

Is 60/40 portfolio broken? Financial experts, and investors alike, ponder if this approach will meet expectations going forward. The culprit?...


The State of Fixed Income

Examine the state of fixed income. For a long time, bonds provided both income and protection. With low but rising...


Does Fixed Income Need Fixing? The DRS as a Capital Preservation Solution

Traditionally, bonds have played two roles within a portfolio: income and capital preservation. However, the worldwide “new normal” monetary policy...


Simple, Straight Talk on Put Options

Hedging Your Bets — Conventional wisdom suggests that “hedging your bets” is prudent. This is especially true in situations where...