Solutions for Institutional Investors

Family Offices, Ultra-High Net Worth Investors

Institutional investors, like family offices and ultra-high net worth investors, face daunting challenges in a low-yield environment, combined with richly valued, volatile equity markets.  To preserve capital and sustain commitments, institutional investors are seeking new portfolio options.


Allocating to hedged equity, a less correlated asset class, may help mitigate risk and volatility while seeking to generate consistency of returns in a responsible manner,

Distinctly Suited for Institutional Investors

Striking the balance between risk asset exposure and providing capital preservation is critical to preserving wealth and sustaining commitments over full market cycles.


Mitigating risk while remaining invested for growth are the hallmarks of our innovative and time-tested hedged equity strategy, our Defined Risk Strategy (DRS).  As such, our suite fo hedged equity solutions are distinctly suited for institutional investors.

Our hedged equity approach is available in a range of asset classes (i.e. SPY, IWM, EEM, EFA, and GLD) and investment structures, including a LP structure, based on an institutional investor’s unique objectives, investment policy, and operating situation.


With institutional share classes and bespoke institutional fee schedules, we strive to keep fees reasonable while delivering on diversification and consistent rolling returns.

More for Institutional Investors

More for Institutional Investors