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Swan Defined Risk Strategy: Overview - Randy Swan, Founder, CEO, Lead PM

Randy Swan discusses how the Defined Risk Strategy is designed to address the investment challenges of today and tomorrow.

Using Core Sectors to Define and Manage Risk - Randy Swan - S&P Dow Jones Indices

Randy Swan, Founder, CEO and Lead Portfolio Manager of Swan Global Investments sits with host Shaun Wurzbach of S&P Dow Jones Indices to discuss how the Defined Risk Strategy distinctly utilizes core sectors in tandem with options strategies to define and manage risk in a portoflio.

Where Does the Defined Risk Strategy Fit? - Sean McCaffrey, Swan Global Investments

Sean McCaffrey, Managing Director at Swan Global Investments, outlines the Dual Dilemma of U.S equities near all-time highs and yields near all-time lows is creating challenges for long-term growth outlooks, portfolio income and capital preservation. Sean then reviews the various ways we see advisors and institutions utilizing the Defined Risk Strategy within their portfolios and models.

Strategies for Downside Protection - Randy Swan on WealthTrack with Consuelo Mack

Consuelo Mack interviews Randy Swan, Founder, CEO and Lead PM of Swan Global Investments and John Hathaway, CO-PM of Tocqueville Gold Fund to discuss different ways to seek downside protection.

How the Defined Risk Strategy Generates Returns In Various Environments - Randy Swan

Randy Swan, Founder, CEO and Lead Portfolio Manager of Swan Global Investments outlines the three components of the Defined Risk Strategy and their contribution to the overall performance of the strategy, as well as, how the strategy is designed to perform in different market environments.

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