Built to Help Grow & Preserve an Enduring Legacy

Creating an enduring legacy requires investment management centered on defining and managing risk.

Managing investments is more about risk management, than return management.

Benjamin Graham

By actively seeking to not lose big, we believe that investors will be better off in the long run.

Randy Swan

Founder, CEO, and Lead PM

Consistent returns and downside protection are hallmarks of the Defined Risk Strategy (DRS).

By defining and managing portfolio risk through full market cycles, our innovative and time-tested investment strategy is distinctly suited for helping foundations, trusts, and nonprofits sustain the good work they do.

Our proven investment approach is applied to many asset classes and can be accessed via several structures based on the organization’s unique mission, investment policy, and operating situation.

  • DRS separately managed accounts or mutual funds can be utilized to complement long-only equity strategies to help de-risk portfolios across asset classes.

  • Swan Overlays can be specifically tailored to accommodate any spending policy, cash flow needs, and operating budget.

A Changing Landscape Requires New Solutions

Families are facing a dual dilemma they have not encountered for generations. On the fixed income side, yields have minimized portfolio income, yet if rates rise, then principal is threatened. Meanwhile, on the equity side of the portfolio, markets across the globe show signs of a late-stage bull market.


How will families manage the next bear market in equities and/or a bear market in bonds?

During the 2008 Financial Crisis, many asset classes thought to be uncorrelated actually became correlated, reducing the portfolio protection expected from diversification.

Source: Zephyr StyleADVISOR, Swan Global Investments, LLC

As a result, many families and their advisors are now seeking new ways to de-risk portfolios without sacrificing growth.


Increasingly, they are utilizing options-based strategies to manage portfolio risk while remaining invested to maintain commitments.


Swan Global Investments has since 1997 been pioneering options and hedging strategies that address market risk. Our Defined Risk Strategy can help families manage risk through full market cycles to build a lasting, impactful legacy.