Investment Masterminds

– Episode 10  –

Luck, Skill, or Greed? A Cautionary Tale

How the amateur investor beat professional asset management over the last decade (and the chaos that will likely follow).

Guest: Randy Swan, CEO & Portfolio Manager at Swan Global Investments


For well over a decade, the retail investor has devoured unprecedented success with a Cerberus-like appetite.   Now as equity and bond markets hover near all-time highs, will those same investors help push returns further into the stratosphere, or be left dazed by a Pandemic Hangover?   


Join Randy Swan, as he unpacks the history of managing investor emotions from market highs, through devastating lows with one of the longest tenured hedge equity strategies in the industry. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to fill gaps in Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Discover solutions to the problem of investing at near market highs
  • Hedge your book of business against catastrophic loss

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