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Hope for the Best. Prepare for the Worst.

Terms like ‘black swan’ or ‘hundred year sotrm’ are used to describe periods of market distress. These terms however belie the frequency wiith these events occur and insinuate that investors are powerless to address such events. In this paper we tackle the misconceptions about these major events, how the industry has traditionally sought to deal with such events, and how hedged equity as an investmetn approach can help investors to hope for the best (invest in equities for growth), while being prepared for the worst (being hedged against major market distress).

The Retirement Conundrum: Untying the Gordian Knot - Swan Global Investments

Retirement Conundrum: Untying the Gordian Knot

Investors entering retirement face an array of unique challenges that collectively seem daunting, a real Retirement Conundrum. The importance of having intelligent, forward-thinking financial advisors directly solving this situation is more important than ever. One-click solutions like target date funds or robo-advisors will not solve the retirement conundrum. Following the same cookie-cutter, 60/40 solutions outlined in textbooks will not solve the retirement problem. At Swan, we believe that only bold, forward-thinking solutions that directly address the biggest risks to the retired baby boomers will solve the problem — like the legend of Alexander the Great cleaving the Gordian Knot.

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