The Defined Risk Strategy

Investing Redefined® - Since 1997.

To achieve long-term goals, your clients need to grow and protect irreplaceable capital.


The Defined Risk Strategy is designed to generate consistent returns and avoid losing big—two keys to long-term investment success.


Define risk. Redefine outcomes. That’s Investing Redefined®.

We’re in the business of growing and preserving irreplaceable capital.

We embrace the opportunity to support you in that mission.

Why the Defined Risk Strategy?


Seeking a Better ‘Buy and Hold’

Investors struggle to ‘hold on’ when markets suffer big losses.

‘Buy and hold’ often becomes ‘buy and fold’.


So we seek to help investors hold on by

smoothing the ride and minimizing losses in bear markets.


After all, the best financial plan is one investors can stick with through market cycles.


  Because diversification alone is not enough.


“Market risk, also called, systematic risk, cannot be eliminated through diversification, though it can be hedged against.”            – Investopedia

“By actively seeking to not lose big, we believe that investors will be better off in the long run.”

Randy Swan

Founder, CEO, Lead PM

How the Defined Risk Strategy Works

See how we do it.

Buy, Hold, and Hedge


Market risk is too big a threat to be dealt with passively. So we hedge it.


Our distinct investment philosophy drives our Always Invested, Always Hedged process.

The Defined Risk Strategy Process — Transparent, Repeatable, Disciplined


The effectiveness of the hedge and degree of downside risk mitigation varies with market conditions. The Defined Risk Strategy can and does have periods of losses.

A Legacy of Success

The DRS was launched in 1997 to provide investors with a better way to invest over full-market cycles—generate consistent returns and avoid major losses in bear markets.


So how’d we do?

Defined Risk Investing

The success of our Defined Risk Strategy prompted us to apply it across multiple products and assets, providing investors with additional opportunities to use this time-tested approach.

Learn more about the available DRS investment structures, the strategy, portfolio implementation or other questions, feel free to contact our investment consultants.