Always Invested. Always Hedged.

We recognize that even though equity markets typically go up over time, there are inevitable and unpredictable declines that are often financially and emotionally devastating.


Gains are only relevant if you keep them.


So our distinct hedged equity investment approach redefines the risk/return profile of equities for long-term investors.

Always Invested

Equity markets tend to go up over time, and investors need the upside potential of equity markets to reach long-term goals, so we remain always invested.


However, the trouble with buy-and-hold is that volatility or unstable markets make it hard for investors to know when to buy and difficult for them to hold on, often leading them to buy-and-fold.

Always Hedged

Severe losses and long recovery times can derail investors from their goals, so we remain always hedged against market risk. We use put options that are inversely correlated to the underlying equity in order to offset equity losses when they occur – providing true diversification.


By definition, market risk “cannot be eliminated through diversification, though it can be hedged against.”

We apply this philosophy to our Defined Risk Strategy.


The effectiveness of the hedge and degree of downside risk mitigation varies with market conditions. The Defined Risk Strategy can and does have periods of losses.