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Top Concerns for Advisor & Investors

Jamie Atkinson, Head of Distribution and Marc Odo, CFA®, CAIA®, CIPM®, CFP®, Client Portfolio Manager of Swan Global Investment, identify and discuss solutions for the top concerns of both advisors and investors in a low-yield world.

Why Investors Should Care about Global Debt

Marc Odo, CFA®, CAIA®, CIPM®, CFP®, Client Portfolio Manager of Swan Global Investments and Ian Bremmer, President and Founder of Eurasia Group, discuss the looming challenges on the horizon for investors brought about by ever-rising global debt.

The Defined Risk Strategy - Randy Swan, Founder, President, Lead PM

Randy Swan discusses how the Defined Risk Strategy is designed to address the investment challenges of today and tomorrow.

Investing Redefined®

The investing landscape has been redefined, so the way we invest should too. Learn how the Defined Risk Strategy seeks to redefine the risk/reward of long-term equity investing.

Don’t let the Bear Get You Down - Swan Defined Risk Strategy

Investing involves risk. Bear markets (large losses in the market in excess of 20%) occur more often, cause more damage, and require longer recover time than investors may realize. At Swan Global Investments we believe the pain of large stock market declines is not the price investors must pay to achieve their goals. That’s why we developed the Defined Risk Strategy.

Since 1997, the Defined Risk Strategy has helped investors grow and protect wealth by seeking to produce consistent returns and protect captial during large stock market declines.

What make the DRS Different?

Learn what makes the Defined Risk Strategy different from other options-based strategies, from the strategic construction to the distinct Always Invested, Always Hedged approach.

Strategies for Downside Protection - Randy Swan on WealthTrack with Consuelo Mack

Consuelo Mack interviews Randy Swan, Founder, CEO and Lead PM of Swan Global Investments and John Hathaway, CO-PM of Tocqueville Gold Fund to discuss different ways to seek downside protection.

Rolling vs. Trailing: Redefining Performance Measurement

Learn how focusing on longer-term rolling returns, instead of shorter-term trailing returns, can help long-term investors determine the consistency of an investment over various market conditions and serve as a better indicator of where they may end up versus where they’ve been.

The Dual Dilemma for Investors - Sean McCaffrey, Swan Global Investments

Sean McCaffrey, Managing Director at Swan Global Investments, outlines the Dual Dilemma investors face with equities near all-time highs and yields near all-time lows, the impacts of that dilemma on the traditional 60/40 portfolio, and makes the case for why a hedged equity approach, like the Defined Risk Strategy, may help address this Dual Dilemma.

The Pain Index - Redefining Risk Management

Measuring Risk how Most Investors Think about Risk – The pain index measures risk in terms most investors think about risk: how much money they might lose. Putting risk in terms investors understand is important for helping them decide on funds and managers that suit their objectives and needs. 

Addressing Behavioral Finance Challenges - Sean McCaffrey, Swan Global Investments

Sean McCaffrey, Managing Director at Swan Global Investments, discusses how investor emotion often dictates their investing behavior, usually to their detriment, and therefore strategies that can smooth returns and protect capital can help in turn smooth emotions to help improve investor outcomes.

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