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Advisors Option Radio Show

Listen to Randy Swan CEO and Lead PM of Swan Global Investments and other options experts address a wide range of topics including portfolio and options strategy, market insights and more.

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Manager Podcasts

The Meb Faber Show

Interview with Randy Swan

An Insider’s Guide to the Defined Risk Strategy

Episode #83

Hear Randy Swan, Founder and Lead PM of Swan Global Investments, discuss his background and the founding of our the company in 1997, as well as, the philosophy and process behind our distinct, hedged-equity investment approach called the Defined Risk Strategy (DRS).

Meb Faber and Randy discuss the challenges to Modern Portfolio Theory, implications of historically low volatility, the rise of options-based strategies, and how advisors and institutions can address the challenges they face today and beyond.

Bloomberg Markets with Carol Massar

Interview with Micah Wakefield

Corrections vs. Bear Markets

Episode May 3, 2018

Micah Wakefield, Director of Research and Product Development, joins Carol Massar to discuss the difference between corrections and bear markets, the state of the current market, and the likelihood of a bear market.