Learn about Swan Global Investments: our organization, innovative investment philosophy and proven Defined Risk approach to investment management.

Actively Seeking Best Interests of Long-Term Investors

At Swan Global Investments, everything we do, from our investment philosophy to our process and investment decisions, is to serve the best interests of long-term investors in a way that Wall Street hasn’t.


We believe Modern Portfolio Theory, or diversification by asset allocation, is limited and only part of the solution, and that stock selection or market timing is difficult to consistently execute over time to outperform the market.


We refuse to accept that large losses and multi-year recoveries are necessary consequences of market risk. Instead, “by actively seeking to not lose big, we believe investors will be better off in the long run.” (Randy Swan, Founder, CEO and Lead PM)

Investing Redefined®

Randy Swan started Swan Global Investments in 1997 to offer investment management services that addressed the fundamental challenge to investors: market risk. Early in his financial career, Randy saw that options provided a way to limit, or define, one’s exposure to market risk.


His Defined Risk Strategy is an innovative solution that redefines the risk/return profile of long-term equity investing and enhanced long-term investment outcomes.


By redefining how investors can manage risk, we are redefining investing in the modern and ever-changing investment landscape.


Define risk. Improve outcomes. That’s Investing Redefined®.

Always Invested, Always Hedged

While investors are often told to ‘buy and hold’, research from Dalbar, Inc. and other sources repeatedly show that investors find it difficult to know when to buy, and in volatile times they find it difficult to hold, often leading investors to ‘buy and fold’.


Instead of ‘buy and hold’ our investment philosophy is to buy, hold, and hedge.  


By remaining Always invested, Always hedged’ our Defined Risk Strategy seeks participation in upside moves in equity markets, while reducing losses in bear markets, to smooth returns over full market cycles so investors remain invested and on track towards their goals.

Less Bureaucracy, More Access

Swan Global Investments is headquartered in Durango, Colorado with additional offices in Tampa, Florida and Puerto Rico. We believe in accessibility and transparency and our advisor clients can speak directly to the Swan investment managers implementing the Defined Risk Strategy. Our Durango headquarters removes us from the herd mentality and traditional investment approaches that pervade bigger firms in major metropolitan areas.