Performance & Analysis

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Rolling Returns Are Revealing

Rolling returns offer a more comprehensive view of returns as they consider returns over various time periods and different start dates.   


Consistent rolling returns are a hallmark of the Defined Risk Strategy.

Consistency of Long-Term Outcomes

It’s all about investor outcomes.  Long-term investors will need to navigate many market cycles to stay on track.


See how Always Invested, Always Hedged approach helps investors dampen bear market losses and capitalize on market cycles to springboard compounding growth.

Performance in Various Market Conditions

Managing Expectations

Human behavior, much like markets, is cyclical. Often, as a lengthy benign or bull period persists, a sense of complacency begins to creep into the markets. When unpredictable market crises occur, emotions run high and expectations are blurred.


One of the best ways to help investors understand the full-market cycle design of the Defined Risk Strategy (DRS) and properly inform expectations is to review previous DRS performance through cycles.

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