Investment Masterminds

– Episode 50  –

“Addressing Economic Uncertainty

With Swan Enhanced Dividend Income powered by O’Shares Investments



With Guests:

Connor O’Brien, President and CEO of O’Shares

Rob Swan, COO and Portfolio Manager at Swan Global Investments

Jeff Thomas, Host of Investment Masterminds

Please join us for a timely session to unpack options for investors seeking income generation regardless of Fed policy. Dive into a distinct approach in which Swan Global Investments combines its decades of experience in managing options strategies with O’Shares’ leadership in managing high-quality dividend stock portfolios to create the Swan Enhanced Dividend Income strategy.



  • Relying on traditional income strategies may create potential risks.
  • Option Writing Strategies can help diversify an income portfolio.
  • A distinct “active-active” approach offers a compelling “dual alpha” income solution.


Learn how active stock selection coupled with active option income management can benefit investors seeking income, regardless of Fed policy.