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– Episode 13  –

Marketing Towards Affluent Women & Couples

Advisor Masterclass

Guest: Annette Bau, CFP®,  founder of MillionaireSeries.comTM and host of The Millionaire InsiderTM Channel 


Annette Bau, CFP® is the founder of MillionaireSeries.comTM and host of The Millionaire InsiderTM Channel. Over the last 30 years, Annette has helped thousands of advisors develop meaningful, long term relationships with affluent women and couples. Her work spans from authoring several books and business building tools, to comprehensive consultations leading to dramatic increases in revenue for the advisors and institutions she works with.


In this complimentary webinar brought to you by Investment Masterminds & sponsored by Swan Global Investments, Annette will explore the 5 different categories of women and unlock the secrets of how to approach the often sought affluent women and couples market.


This interview-style session will help you to identify opportunities for you to:

1) Tap into the $20 Trillion Affluent Women and Couples Market

2) Attract new high net worth, individuals

3) Increase implementation and generate more revenue

4) Retain and strengthen your most profitable relationships through their most difficult life events

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