Investment Masterminds

– Episode 14  –

“Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory”

Guest: Jon Lukomnik Author of “Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory”

Please join our Host, Jeff Thomas, in this interview with Author, Jon Lukomnik, on his controversial book entitled “Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory”.

In this recent work, Authors Lukomnik and Hawley contend that MPT’s core concepts are ineffective in addressing systematic risk, or the influence that environmental, social, and corporate governance has on modern investing.

This interview-style session will cover:

1) Is Modern Portfolio Theory Broken, (and what may replace it)?
2) Stepping outside traditional portfolio diversification.
3) Ideas to manage long-term systematic risk.
4) Where does ESG fit into it all?


Additional Resources:

Link to “Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory” Book

Link to Jon Lukomnik Podcast “Outside In” Podcast


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