Investment Masterminds

– Episode 25  –

“Attracting High Net Worth Through Private Offerings”

Guests: Adam Ponder, CEO of Alta Trust & Author of “Private Funds for Investment Advisors”

In this ever-evolving industry, there is always the risk of commoditization.  Learn from the master who literally wrote the book on Private Funds,  Adam Ponder, CEO of Alta Trust.   


Adam will cover the topic of Private Fund Offerings for High Net Worth investors, and the potential they present for your business.  


Key Takeaways from this Investment Masterminds Session:

  • Learn how to become a Magnet for High Net Worth and Institutional Investors


  • Understand key concepts to keep ahead of your competition


  • Develop the framework for implementation


About Adam Ponder:

CEO of Alta Trust and Author of “Private Funds For Investment Advisors” 

Adam is co-founder and CEO of Alta Trust. Prior to Alta Trust, he co-founded and successfully exited RIA and TPA firms. Now, he is recognized as a leader in the financial services industry who brings innovative ideas to the investment community. His dynamic scope of experience allows him to provide strong strategic guidance to investment advisors.


Adam is passionate about helping investment advisors do the right thing for their clients and themselves. Adam craves win-win deals where everyone walks away smiling. 

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