Investment Masterminds

– Mid-Year Symposium  –

The Investment Masterminds Symposium is a 5-hour event that features 11 unique speaking slots, providing a perfect blend of value from Investment Managers, Practice Management Specialists, Economists, Financial Technology Experts, Industry Leading Financial Advisory Practices, as well as Social Media & video marketing gurus.


Expand your practice management techniques and market knowledge. The event is broken up into chapters, providing you the ability to watch the sections you are most interested in. Dive in and expand your knowledge today!


Speaking Sessions

The Art of Hedged Equity

Speaker: Randy Swan, Founder & CEO Swan Global Investments

In 1997, Randy Swan began his journey into Asset Management toward the tail end of the tech bubble. Learn how his approach to portfolio hedging allowed for consistent returns through some of the most volatile markets in history!

Avoiding Costly Teaming & Hiring Mistakes

Speaker: Penny Phillips, President of Journey Strategic Wealth

Penny Phillips is a breath of fresh air in an often-stale industry. Her passion and creativity is only surpassed by her practicality when it comes to presenting easy-to-implement strategic concepts to financial advisors.

Riskalyze Portfolio Analysis

Speaker: Todd Johnson, Director of Channel Alliances

Use Riskalyze? Interested in Exploring? Or simply want to know what competitive firms may be using? Join Todd Johnson as he demonstrates the power of evaluating portfolio risk and provide the framework to attempt more consistent outcomes.

Active vs Passive Management in the New Era of Volatility

Speaker: Connor O’Brien, CEO of O’Shares ETFs

Join O’Shares Co-Founder and CEO  as he discusses the benefits of active investing through challenging markets.

Irrational Exuberance Revisited

Speaker: Marc Odo, Client Portfolio Manager, Swan Global Investments

Join Marc Odo as he jumps in the hot tub time machine to compare contributing factors that led to the tech bubble to those present today.

The Case for Alternative Investing

Speaker: Shana Sissell, Founder & President, Banríon Capital Management

Calling Shana a rising star would be an understatement as she is already a regular on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, and Investment Masterminds. Join Shana as she shares the role of alternatives in portfolio design to create more consistent long-term outcomes for clients.

Financial Advisor Panelist Discussion: The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Advisors in 2022

Speakers: Terry Treiber, Chief financial Strategist, TAG Advisors & Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, Carson Group & Luis Corrales, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Cope Corrales

This is YOUR session!  Join our expert panelists as they discuss challenges & opportunities in 2022.  From investment management, to client engagement, to marketing your message, this session is customized for advisors with the goal of solidifying your value proposition, from both a marketing and investment perspective.

Strategies for Volatile Markets

Speaker: Sean O’Hara, President of Pacer ETFs

Join President of Pacer ETF’s, Sean O’Hara as he discusses lowering correlation through bear markets with structured & tactical investment strategies.

All Options on The Table

Speaker: Marc Odo, Client Portfolio Manager, Swan Global Investments

Learn to navigate through the noise in hedged equity, and understand the difference between long-term and short-term options strategies when assessing risk management for clients.

Utilizing Hedge Equity in a Volatile World

Speaker: Rob Swan, Client Portfolio Manager, Swan Global Investments

Join this bonus session with Portfolio Manager Rob Swan as he discusses adding hedged equity to portfolio models!

The World is Yours with The Power of Video

Speaker: Katie Braden, Founder, and CEO of Innovating Advice

The pandemic necessitated increased investor competence in video technology. Not only is Katie a CFP, but also an expert at creating a unique video experience. Learn how you can add another dimension to your service and sales model through simple video communications.

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