“How hedged Equity Strategies help Prepare for Bull and Bear Markets”

Speakers: Todd Rosenbluth, Head of Research VettaFi, Marc Odo, Client Portfolio Manager Swan Global Investments, Rob Swan, COO and Portfolio Manager Swan Global Investments

How Hedged Equity Strategies Help Prepare for Bull and Bear Markets

Hedged equity strategies have become a popular solution for investors seeking to diversify beyond the basic stock and bond portfolio mix. With equities and fixed income both negative in 2022 and the economic outlook uncertain, hedged equity is getting a closer look. 


In this webcast, Swan Global Investments and VettaFi will discuss the benefits and risks of hedged equity strategies and the best practices for financial advisors when utilizing these alternative strategies to address market risks.


  • Compare the risk/reward of various hedged equity strategies
  • The active versus passive methodologies as applied to hedged equity strategies
  • How a combination of different options-based or hedged equity strategies can help
    address current market risks
  • How financial advisors can incorporate hedged equity strategies into a diversified

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