“The Correlation Conundrum:
How to Invest When Diversification No Longer Works”

Guests: Marc Odo, CFA®, FRM®, CAIA®, FDP®, CIPM®, CFP®, Client Portfolio Manager, Swan Global Investments

Rob Swan, COO and Portfolio Manager, Swan Global Investments

Tom Lydon, Vice Chairman, VettaFi


For decades investors relied on diversification to mitigate risk.  However, 2022’s “Everything Bear Market” has left investors searching for answers.  A closer look at the data reveals that diversification didn’t just fail in 2022; it’s been broken since the Global Financial Crisis.


Join VettaFi and Swan Global Investments as they dig in to how to address correlation convergence and navigating an uncertain market.


Topics will include:

  • Diversification’s diminishing returns
  • The source of rising correlations on portfolio construction
  • Hedged equity as a next-generation risk management solution

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