“Perfect Landing or Perfect Storm?”

A Strategic Approach to Hedging Both Tail Risks


Speakers: Jeff Thomas, National Director of National Advocacy, Swan Global Investments, Laura Crigger, Editor-In-Chief, VettaFi, Rob Swan, COO and Portfolio Manager Swan Global Investments

As 2023 unwinds, uncertainty abounds as to whether we’ll see a perfect landing or a perfect storm! See how strategically incorporating hedged equity may improve overall portfolio risk/return metrics & help navigate the uncertainty ahead.

Join the experts at Swan Global Investments and VettaFi for a 30-minute LiveCast exploring hedged equities and how they could find success in a market that could go either way.


  • An overview of how the market could break bearish or bullish and how that could change the landscape.
  • A look at the challenges of a high-correlation environment.
  • A discussion about how hedged equities can thread the needle between all possible outcomes.

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