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Patrick Stiefel

Director of Trading


Patrick ensures optimal trade execution for Swan’s Defined Risk Strategies. He also applies the existing rules to make risk management recommendations. In the course of tracking the markets, Patrick is responsible for monitoring risk and identifying efficient ways of investing. In order to facilitate order flow, he is heavily involved in finding new markets to develop, while fostering Swan’s custodian and vendor relationships.


Prior to joining Swan, he received formal options training in 2000 from the International Trading Institute. He then worked to facilitate retail equity option flow as it was transitioning from the floor to the electronic world with Chicago’s STC. In addition to option strategies, Patrick has successfully traded interest rate curves, currencies, commodities futures, plus a variety of over-the-counter products. He has years of experience as a market maker in the SPXSPZ, and Eurodollar option pits on the CBOE and the CME. In his 10 years at Tradelink Holdings, he managed derivative positions and risk, consistently returning profits to investors.


Patrick played semi-professional baseball for the Alaska Gold Panners from 1996 to 1997 and intercollegiate baseball at Tabor College where he earned a B.A. in mathematics.


Patrick has focused his competitive passion on delivering results to investors. He enjoys gathering with good friends and family. His outdoor activities include skiing, golf, mountain biking, and hiking. He is an avid poker player, which allows him to apply probability, psychology, and game theory.